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Monday / Aug 17, 2015 /

Engage w/The Hill’s Kevin Cirilli

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On this episode, I talk with The Hill’s Kevin Cirilli about why Democrats are panicking over Hillary’s server and why China’s panicking over their currency.  Check out KC’s article on Clinton here:  Dems near Clinton panic mode Please subscribe, rate and review to make this 

Sunday / Aug 16, 2015 /

Engage Greg Valliere: 2016 Presidential Candidates Review

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For our second show on Engage, we turn to good friend and astute political analyst Greg Valliere from Potomac Research in Washington, D.C.  We delve into the developing 2016 Presidential race theme of reject whatever candidate the party appears to be supporting.  Whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush, voters are reaching out to Donald…

Thursday / Aug 13, 2015 /

Who is Andy Busch and what am I doing with Engage?

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Engage with Andy Busch will cover what this show is about and who is Andy Busch.  I cover my background, my inability to handle simple tasks like installing ceiling fans, and why I need to breakdown topics into simple, easy to understand pieces.  (Hint:  So even I can understand it!)  I need your input on…