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Friday / Sep 25, 2015 /

EP0015 Greg Valliere Potomac Research Chief Political Strategist

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Engage brings on Potomac’s Valliere to countdown top 10 Republican 2016 candidates.  Trump’s not even in the top 5!  Find out who Greg likes at #1 and how Walker “blanded” himself out of the race.

Tuesday / Sep 22, 2015 /

EP014 Howard Silverblatt S&P Dow Jones

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Engage with Andy Busch brings on an analyst the WSJ calls “The High Priest of S&P Stats” Howard Silverblatt from S&P Dow Jones.  We cover key metrics every investor needs to know:  share buybacks, earnings, dividends, capex and cash on the balance sheet.  This is insight on a level you can’t get anywhere else, check…

Monday / Sep 14, 2015 /

EP013 Dan Wantrobski, Janney Capital

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Engage with Andy Busch welcomes Janney Capital’s Managing Director, Technical Research Dan Wantrobski.  They can be found at  Dan gives his very positive view on stocks and provides insights into why equities can go significantly higher from here despite the recent volatility. 

Friday / Sep 11, 2015 /

EP012 Andy on Congress will impact markets and business

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On this show, I decide to give you my views on Congress and how they will impact the markets and businesses this fall.  Tax extenders, Highway Trust, budgets, debt ceiling are all covered.  BTW, we got visits from the Pope and Chinese President Xi in September!

Wednesday / Sep 09, 2015 /

EP011 Danielle DiMartino-Booth Liscio Report

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For this show, Engage with Andy Busch covers the Fed, the economy and interest rates.  We bring on The Liscio Report’s Chief Market Strategist Danielle DiMartino-Booth.  She was a former market advisor to the Dallas Federal Reserve and assisted Richard Fisher.  Please subscribe, rate and review this podcast.  Many thanks!

Tuesday / Sep 08, 2015 /

EP010 Douglas Holtz-Eakin American Action Forum

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Congress:  Iran, Defense, and Govt. Shutdown.  Engage with Andy Busch brings on a top government expert:  American Action Forum President Douglas Holtz-Eakin.  We discuss the timing of key votes in the fall session of Congress and why there are only 10-12 days left to avoid a government shutdown.  Check it out!  Please subscribe, rate and…

Wednesday / Sep 02, 2015 /

Congress Returns: will it be good for business?

Andrew3 / Blog / 1 Comment

The United States Congress returns after its summer recess and has a long list of important unfinished business.  The nuclear deal with Iran, a visit from the Pope, and avoiding another government shutdown are all on the docket.  In this article, we’ll review the top 4 items that will most likely have an impact on…

Wednesday / Sep 02, 2015 /

Matt Topley CIO Fortis Partners LLC

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For this show, we Engage the chief investment officer from Fortis Partners, Matt Topley.  Matt tells us why we need to remain calm to create big-time LT wealth.  As always, please subscribe, rate, and review the show.  We appreciate your help!

Monday / Aug 31, 2015 /

Peter Boockvar The Lindsey Group

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We engage chief market analyst from The Lindsey Group, Peter Boockvar, to discuss the recent market volatility and what the central banks are doing to deal with it.  Peter provides a very unpopular position:  we need rate hikes to create a recession reset to fix the stock market!  Please subscribe, rate and review the show,…

Monday / Aug 24, 2015 /

Jon Lieber Thumbtack

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For this show, we bring in an expert on entrepreneurs and small businesses, Jon Lieber, chief economist from Thumbtack.  We discuss how the land of mega start-ups, California, is really the Island of Misfit Toys for small business.  This has large job and economic implications for the entire country.  Find them at