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Monday / Oct 19, 2015 /

Engage EP020 Tax Foundation Kyle Pomerleau

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The next Republican Presidential debate is on October 28th and is the CNBC sponsored event.  With this in mind, Engage will focus today on the major candidates’ plans for growth.  We’ll dissect the tax plans that the candidates have released and try to understand their impact on the economy and deficits.  The good news:  you…

Thursday / Oct 15, 2015 /

Engage EP019 S&P IQ Sam Stovall

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Global stock markets have rebounded with a vengeance and US equity markets are up over 7% in the last 10 days.  Questions arise:  have we put in a bottom, what will Q3 earnings look like, will the rally continue into Q4?  Joining Engage to discuss is S&P Capital IQ’s US Equity Strategist Sam Stovall.

Wednesday / Oct 14, 2015 /

Engage EP018 JPM’s Jim Glassman

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With the global economy gasping for breath and US job growth wheezing, we turn to a man whose job is to diagnose the data.  Jim Glassman is JP Morgan’s chief economist for commercial banking and we hit all the key topics from jobs to retail sales to the Fed.  Jim drops some serious value bombs…

Saturday / Oct 03, 2015 /

Proposed sales tax could impact professional services firms

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The stalemate in Springfield over the budget is turning into a prolonged fight over the direction of the state.  The Illinois House went home on September 24 and is not scheduled to return until October 20.  While both Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan and Republican Governor Bruce Rauner could call them back for a special…

Thursday / Oct 01, 2015 /

EP017 US Chamber’s Martin Regalia

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Today on “Engage with Andy Busch,” we had on US Chamber of Commerce Chief Economist Martin Regalia.  We discussed why the markets are so jittery, why the Fed can’t seem to make a decision to raise rates and why the US economic recovery is so tepid.  “The policies  this time around have been nothing short…

Wednesday / Sep 30, 2015 /

EP016 Politico’s Tax Pro Toby Eckert

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Engage with Andy Busch brings on Politico’s Tax Pro Editor Toby Eckert to break down the Trump, Bush and Rubio plans for tax reform.  Guess which plan helps the wealthiest the most and costs the highest?  We also hit Clinton’s call for eliminating the healthcare “Cadillac Tax”, the outlook for tax reform, and what the…

Friday / Sep 25, 2015 /

EP0015 Greg Valliere Potomac Research Chief Political Strategist

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Engage brings on Potomac’s Valliere to countdown top 10 Republican 2016 candidates.  Trump’s not even in the top 5!  Find out who Greg likes at #1 and how Walker “blanded” himself out of the race.

Tuesday / Sep 22, 2015 /

EP014 Howard Silverblatt S&P Dow Jones

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Engage with Andy Busch brings on an analyst the WSJ calls “The High Priest of S&P Stats” Howard Silverblatt from S&P Dow Jones.  We cover key metrics every investor needs to know:  share buybacks, earnings, dividends, capex and cash on the balance sheet.  This is insight on a level you can’t get anywhere else, check…

Monday / Sep 14, 2015 /

EP013 Dan Wantrobski, Janney Capital

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Engage with Andy Busch welcomes Janney Capital’s Managing Director, Technical Research Dan Wantrobski.  They can be found at  Dan gives his very positive view on stocks and provides insights into why equities can go significantly higher from here despite the recent volatility. 

Friday / Sep 11, 2015 /

EP012 Andy on Congress will impact markets and business

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On this show, I decide to give you my views on Congress and how they will impact the markets and businesses this fall.  Tax extenders, Highway Trust, budgets, debt ceiling are all covered.  BTW, we got visits from the Pope and Chinese President Xi in September!