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Thursday / Apr 18, 2019 /

053 Mickey Levy Berenberg Capital: Economic outlook 4 Europe, China and US

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Engage has Berenberg Capital’s Chief Economist Mickey Levy to discuss problems in the global economic outlook.  Europe, China and United States all reviewed for key areas and connections.  “Europe’s outlook is pretty dismal for the future.”  What can the ECB to grow the economy?  “The honest answer, there’s really nothing they can do.”

Wednesday / Apr 10, 2019 /


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This week on Engage, we discuss the biggest, baddest gravitational pull on the markets:  Fed policy.  Williams College Ken Kuttner joins to discuss his paper “Unconventional Monetary Policy.”  Why did the Fed do it, how effective was it and what challenges it presents now.  See to get my full research note on the problems…

Sunday / Apr 07, 2019 /

Fed Pause: fear of the next recession

AndyBusch / Blog / 0 Comments

“As always, there is no preset path for policy.  And particularly with muted inflation readings that we’ve seen coming in, we will be patient as we watch to see how the economy evolves.” (1) On January 4, 2019, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell made these comments and ignited a stock market rally that has become…

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Thursday / Mar 28, 2019 /

Using Gravity to Frame Uncertainty in the Global Economy, the Markets and Geopolitics

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As never before, the global economic landscape appears chaotic and difficult to understand.  The dramatic shift by the Federal Reserve, the US-China trade negotiations, and the use of algorithms/Artificial Intelligence (AI) in trading all drive uncertainty in the global economy, the markets, and geopolitics. Yet, there is a way to frame the chaos to engender…

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Thursday / Mar 28, 2019 /

Chicago Mayoral Race: job and growth plans by Lightfoot and Preckwinkle

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When Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stated last fall that he would not be a candidate in the upcoming mayoral election, the political door opened for a wide range of candidates seeking the office and a wider range of policy proposals to address important issues for the city.  As mayor of the 3rd largest city in…

Monday / Mar 25, 2019 /


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This week on Engage, we do an 8 minute flashcast w/Andy covering Federal Reserve rate policy, US domestic policy and technology.  And we use gravity and planets to explain how these 3 market narratives tug and pull on asset values.

Friday / Mar 15, 2019 /

EP050 Vident Economist Jerry Bowyer: markets, politics and investing

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This week on the show, we bring on Vident Financial Chief Economist and editor of Town Hall Jerry Bowyer.  We cover top market narratives driving asset values in the global financial system.  Federal Reserve policy, US trade policy and the 2020 election all covered including how faith plays a role.

Friday / Mar 08, 2019 /

EP049 USDA Deputy Chief Economist Dr. Warren Preston

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This week on Engage with Andy Busch, we review the USDA’s 2019 outlook for the farm economy and incomes.  We cover the impact of China’s demand on US agriculture products, US-China trade negotiations and the USMCA.  Interesting point:  off-farm income equally important as on-farm income to sustain US farmers. 

Friday / Mar 01, 2019 /

EP048 AAF Douglas Holtz-Eakin: China trade, Mueller report and Congressional oversight

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This week on Engage with Andy Busch, we bring on AAF President and former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin.  We cover the big topics dominating the markets:  China trade negotiations, the looming Mueller Report and Congressional oversight by Democrats.  Therapy dogs necessary!

Friday / Feb 22, 2019 /

047 Piper Jaffray Justin Hoogendorn, Head of Fixed Income and Strategy

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This week on Engage with Andy Busch, we dive into the unusual world of municipal bonds and why they provide high returns.  Federal and state tax benefits can provide a 50% pop to additional income for investors.  GO and revenue bonds broken down and discussed.  Chicago, Puerto Rico and Orange County reviewed.