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Featured Experiences

Featured Experiences

From Chaos to Confidence!

Here are three reasons why Andy is a trusted expert for the US government, corporate executives and speaker bureaus:

  1. He makes it all about the audience by researching, interviewing and discovering the unique aspects of your conference, firm and industry.
  2. He delivers a customized keynote experience, giving context to why the world is changing and how it’ll impact your space.
  3. He brings energy to lift any audience at any time of day, no standing behind a podium, no notes, and no downtime in his keynotes!

@abusch doing a masterful job of entertaining and informing the crowd

Profit and Loss Magazine

Below are keynote topics to be tailored for your group, business or conference.

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Market Volatility

Impact on business, economy and policy

Drawing from his experience as the US government’s first Chief Market Intelligence Officer (CMIO), Andrew Busch deciphers the current U.S., global and political economic landscape, explaining the key challenges facing the world today.   For audiences, he answers the critical questions: why are the markets volatile and how will this impact us? As CMIO, he created objective research on the financial markets to the CFTC, SEC, US Treasury and Federal Reserve. As an authority on the markets, he provides policy insights for what works, what doesn’t and what to expect in the future.  Key takeaways:

  • How are the Federal Reserve and US Treasury combining to create volatility?
  • How are US trade, tariffs and sanctions impacting your business?
  • How does technology eclipse all other factors at key moments?

Change and Leadership Under Stress

How we reformed and rehabbed a hated US government agency with no money via H.O.P.E.

Known for foot stomping both inside and outside of the agency, the CFTC was disliked by both Democrats and Republicans alike.  Industry would only engage if accompanied by their lawyers. It was an analog financial regulatory agency, out of step with the rapid advances of Fintech.  How we changed it into a digital, Fintech focused agency that led the US government into bitcoin is a story of leadership, trust and outreach via H.O.P.E. Helping Other People Everyday.  The US government’s first Chief Market Intelligence Officer, Andrew Busch discusses the lessons learned about leading under stress and achieving success to change mindsets both inside and outside your organization.  What you’ll learn:

  • Concrete steps to change culture
  • Creating trust in a trustless environment
  • What went right, what went wrong and how to shift course

Fintech Hype or Heaven?

The future of blockchain, ICOs & cryptos

From the 1st US federal agency to approve a Bitcoin futures contract, CFTC’s Chief Market Intelligence Officer Andy Busch provides advice and insights to help audiences understand this rapidly changing world.  He discusses how companies are leveraging blockchain to create new platforms for business and achieve efficiencies for survival. Explore the Cambrian explosion of new companies and ideas with an expert that researched and explained Bitcoin & Fintech structure issues to the US government and the public.  Key takeaways:

  • Are we at a peak in the blockchain hype cycle or just the start?
  • Can BTC and cryptos recover from their collapse?
  • Why does this new technology crave regulation?