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Andrew B. Busch is an expert in breaking down tough topics and explaining how it impacts your world. From Washington to Wall Street to your wallet, he keeps it clean and simple so everyone can understand it. Andy is the host of VoiceAmerica’s “Engage with Andy Busch.” The show covers politics, money and media with top name guests like Jared Bernstein (Joe Biden’s former chief economist) to Craig Bouchard (CEO Signature Holdings) to House of Represetative’s majority whip Congressman Peter Roskam. Check it out at:

He is also the Editor-in-chief for the global market and public policy newsletter, “The Busch Update.” He is regular on CNBC’s Talking Numbers and is a CNBC contributor. His views can be found on as well as

For 22 years, he was with BMO Capital Markets and has written the Busch Update for the last 13 years. He was named BMO’s Global Currency and Public Policy Strategist in 2007. Based in Chicago, he is a recognized expert on the world financial markets and how these markets are impacted by political events. He provides clients with analysis on public policy issues for China, Europe and the United States. Public policy is of growing importance as the role of government has become more intertwined with the markets and the private sector.

On a regular basis, Andy consults with staff from Congress on economic, financial market and tax issues. In 2011, Andy was asked to testify in front of Congress on the effectiveness of the 2009 Stimulus package. From 2004 to 2008, he was an outside advisor to the US Treasury Department and White House on the economy and financial markets. Andy had a similar role for the 2008 McCain campaign. He has met and advised the last three US Secretary of the Treasury including John Snow, Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner. Andy is also a political consultant on campaign strategy for the 2014 US Congressional Mid-Term elections.

In addition to his radio show, Andy is widely followed by clients and media for his daily commentaries and his frequent appearances on major financial news outlets, including: the WSJ, The Hill, Politico and USA Today. In 2007, he published his book entitled, “World Event Trading: How to profit from today’s headlines” by Wiley.