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Date Archives: February2019

Friday / Feb 22, 2019 /

047 Piper Jaffray Justin Hoogendorn, Head of Fixed Income and Strategy

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This week on Engage with Andy Busch, we dive into the unusual world of municipal bonds and why they provide high returns.  Federal and state tax benefits can provide a 50% pop to additional income for investors.  GO and revenue bonds broken down and discussed.  Chicago, Puerto Rico and Orange County reviewed. 

Friday / Feb 15, 2019 /


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This week on Engage with Andy Busch, we go down the foreign exchange rabbit hole with Track Research CEO Robert Savage.  The Federal Reserve, China’s PBOC and the ECB discussed for policy implications and how this influences the global currency markets.  FX markets are always my starting point for analyzing the financial markets!

Friday / Feb 08, 2019 /

EPO45: Tilt-A-Whirls and The Markets: how the Fed is making investors queasy

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In a stunning shift of interest policy, the Federal Reserve signaled they are on hold for raising rates in 2019 and they indicated they made a mistake with quantitative tightening.  This week on Engage, we bring on one of the best economists in the business, Natixis Joe Lavorgna.  Jobs, inflation and growth are all dissected…

Friday / Feb 01, 2019 /

EP044 Blockchain: mutual mistrust=trust

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“Blockchain is a foundational technology whose impacts could reach into every corner of the world.”  This week, Engage covers the hottest fintech story impacting market structure and governance.  Why is mutual mistrust a key element for creating trust with this new technology?  We bring on Wharton Prof. Kevin Werbach to discuss his new book, “The…