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Andy Busch 2016 Presidential Election speech video highlights

AndyBusch / Blog / 1 Comment

In this video highlight reel, Andy Busch delivers his “2016 Presidential Election: what it means for business, jobs and lives” keynote to the Texas Hill Country MPI. He covers the top 5 US presidential candidates tax and economic plans: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Sanders and Clinton.

Jason Swoboda April 6, 2016 Post Reply

Net interest on federal debt! That was exciting. I have to admit I stood up at my workstation and did the little icebreaker which was fun. But all joking aside, one of the main messages of the video was growth. Increased employment will increase the amount of taxes collected which should help create a budget surplus. This surplus can help pay down the national debt. Additionally, this can help lower the debt-GDP ratio which at the current time is about 1.04 to 1.

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