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#BuschUpdate How to improve your investing

By Andrew Busch | Published : May 24, 2014

The WSJ carried a great article today about how to improve your investing. I think often I spend too much time focused on the “flavor-of-the-week” stock, currency, bond for investing. While this isn’t a bad strategy for trading, it’s a very poor one for investing. The two are very different activities.

Trading is the art of moving money in and out of instruments with leverage to take advantage of relatively small movements in the markets. The key for trading isn’t great ideas, but rather great discipline to enter and exit according to a pre-determined plan.

Investing is a completely different animal as the time frame is longer and the expected returns larger. To be an investor, one needs to do longer term research such as understanding a country’s tax policy towards exports (for currencies) or reading annual reports/10Qs/transcripts of conference calls for stocks. I know I need to do more of this prior to recommending a stock or a currency trade. Unlike acting, more is better when it comes to investing.

Take a read of the article and see if you can improve your own investing.

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